Company Profile

Ridgeway Builders Centre was established in 1996 by a man called Morgan Padayachee, this company initially started off as a transportation company called Morgan’s Transport in 1989, because of the uncontrollable growth of the company and great demand of building material from the market, Morgan’s Transport had to emerge from just being a transportation company to being a building material supplier and hardware store, and this is how Ridgeway Builders Centre was established. At that time the company only employed 3 personnel and had only 3 vehicles which were being used for deliveries of building material, but now the company employs quite a number of employees and owns a large number of vehicles. The company is now serving Lenasia, Lenasia South, Ridgeway and its surrounding areas. The diversity of our transport facilities has enabled us to ensure that no delivery is impossible to complete or to handle. Now we can say that all the hard work over the past years has finallyt paid off. Now we have opened two other branches in Lenasia CBD and in Lenasia South.