About Us

Ridgeway Builders Centre is owned and managed by Morgan Padayachee, however there are two other branches of this hardware and both those branches are managed by other family members and those members are Morgans wife and son. To know more about their involvement and roles which they play in the company please scroll down and read more about them.

Morgan Padayachee (Managing Director)

Morgan is the Director and founder of the company and he plays a very important role in the company and has continually been doing so since the beginning. His efforts he inputted into the company has helped a great deal.

Mrs Ambiga Padayachee (Wife)

Mrs Ambiga has been involved in the development of the company since the beggining, in 1989, the role that she plays is very much vital to the company. She manages our branch in the Lenesia CBD, she manges all the stock and also does the sales of the company.

Ravi Padayachee (Son)

Ravi, Morgans son, he has served the for approximately 6 years now, he has served the company in a very diverse way, he manages the branch in Lenasia South, he manages our transport and delivery department and he also does the sales for the branch.

Hoosain Imam

Another one of the chief contributors that played an important role in growing the company is none other then Mr. Imam himself, the expertise and the knowledge he pumped into the company has helped the company to grow into being the way it is today.

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